Capacity Matrix Guide (pdf)

Use the Capacity Matrix to help you and your students understand the curriculum. The Capacity Matrix guide explains HOW TO use the powerful Capacity Matrix. Empower your students to set meaningful learning goals plan self-assess and monitor their learning progress.

IMPROVING LEARNING: A how-to guide for school improvement

A comprehensive guide to school improvement. This publication is only available for purchase through Amazon or Kindle.

PDSA Improvement Cycle Guide (pdf)

The Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) Improvement Cycle encapsulates how we learn and improve things. The PDSA guide describes a scientific action-research based approach to learning and improvement. Learn how to use the PDSA nine-step process to apply simple and effective tools to involve stakeholders identify and address root causes and use data to achieve more sustainable solutions.

Planning for School Improvement Guide (pdf)

Use this guide to develop and implement school strategic and annual improvement plans using proven Quality Improvement concepts and easy-to-use tools and methods.

Processes Mapping Guide (pdf)

Have you agreed and documented the processes critical to the effective and efficient operation of your school and classroom? This guide introduces the powerful improvement concept of Process Thinking. It describes HOW TO create Flowcharts: visual methods that facilitates induction training and continual improvement. The guide also provides an inventory of approximately 200 school processes.

Quality Learning for Students with Special Needs Guide (pdf)

The guide outlines how to use the Quality Learning approach and tools with Special Needs students: one-on-one in groups and as a whole class.

System Documentation Guide (pdf)

Eliminate wasted time and effort reinventing lost policies processes and important documents. Make these documents accessible to all who need them by establishing a solid foundation to capture organisational knowledge and continually improve. This guide explains with examples how to ensure the most up-to-date version of all critical documents are available to those who need them.

System Mapping Guide (pdf)

Work with key stakeholders to agree and document a shared direction for your school. A System Map helps document and communicate the critical elements of your organisation as a system using practical tools to reach efficient and productive agreements. This guide explains with examples the System Map tool and provides step by step instructions on how to create them.

Using Data to Improve Guide (pdf)

This practical improvement guide shows HOW TO use data to plan track progress and continually improve. It introduces the key concepts of Statistical Thinking. Designed for leaders teachers and students the guide explores the use of data based on proven Quality Learning concepts and provides easy-to-use tools and methods.

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