Professional LearningTeachers enjoying professional learning with QLA

We are dedicated to helping you to build capacity to make your school an even better place to work and learn.

While we conduct some professional learning through our consulting services, our flagship offerings are: Foundations in Quality Learning, and the four-day Quality Learning Seminar with David Langford. 

Foundations in Quality Learning

Foundations in Quality Learning
 provides a systematic approach for schools and systems wishing to adopt the Quality Learning approach to improve student learning, classroom practice, relationships and whole-school performance.

Foundations SeminarFoundations in Quality Learning is designed for school communities, regions, district offices and education systems who are serious about building capacity for sustainable performance improvement through Quality Learning.

Foundations comprises a series of seminars and regular school support visits, usually over two to three years. The specific design can be adapted to best meet your needs. 

Allow us to help you to learn 'how to' improve your school’s culture and performance, through the sustained application of the proven principles and practices of Quality Learning.

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Quality Learning Seminar with David Langford

The Quality Learning Seminar builds capacity in the proven principles, practices and tools of improvement. 

Quality Learning SeminarWe partner with a range of highly respected organisations and educational organisations. 

Our professional learning in Australia includes the Quality Learning Seminar with David Langford. David is an internationally renowned educator, author and speaker, based in Montana, USA.

David's seminar is integrated within Foundations in Quality Learning, but can also be taken 'stand alone', if desired. Over five thousand Australian educators and administrators have attended his four-day seminar since 1999. 

Read more about the four-day Quality Learning Seminar with David Langford.  


After many years of teaching and learning I have finally found what
will bring together all the good things I have been using.
Now the path for us is clear. Genius! So simple.
I feel like this has been some sort of best-kept secret.
It’s so good to be let in the door!
Pam Grosse, Jamberoo Public School NSW.


Important features of QLA's learning support include:

  • learning that takes place at a mutually convenient time and location – we come to you
  • comprehensive resources to support your learning needs
  • sharing learning and experiences with other schools and practitioners
  • the ongoing assessment and collection of data to measure your learning progress and satisfaction, to continually improve the learning process.


Self-assess the extent of your learning. 

Contact us to discuss how we might help you to achieve your professional learning goals.