About QLA

QLA has over three decades collective experience with organisational improvement.

Our backgrounds are in engineering, science and management.

Our work with school education came about through our interest in, and passion for the continual improvement of learning. It began in the late 1990s, with the Australian Quality Council (AQC), when the AQC was engaged to lead programs to that began a translation of industry improvement philosophies and practices to school education.

We established QLA in 2002 to continue to support organisations, and particularly schools, with their improvement efforts.

We feel privileged to be experiencing first-hand, the enormous potential this approach offer’s to organisations and the joy it brings to the people who work and learn in them.

Our purpose

QLA exists to facilitate organisational improvement using proven, time-tested principles and practices.

Our purpose is: To improve learning and learning how to improve.

Our work

We work with education, government, and industry to facilitate organisational improvement.

We apply proven principles and practices to help others achieve measurable and sustainable improvement.

We design and deliver professional learning.

We provide direct consulting services to support improvement efforts.

We develop resources to support improvement, including ‘how-to’ guides, templates and case studies.

We have an extensive network of experienced practitioners and associates – both in Australia and overseas - who help us with our work.

We are independent of government and policy - and the latest fad!

We are small, flexible and committed to your success.

Our people

Michael King and Jane Kovacs.