We build capacity to apply practical tools and methods to lead improvement, while providing support to address a specific area of need.

Your organisation, school, district, department, branch, team is unique. At QLA our approach is not prescriptive. We tailor our support to best meet the needs of your context and the challenges you face.

You develop the essential skills, knowledge and know-how to effect positive change in your area of need.

We work with you to create evidence-based solutions that address the root causes of your challenges and issues.

Our support can help you in many ways, including building capacity to:

Improve engagement

Equip staff and students with strategies to take greater responsibility. Enhance their voice in the organisation and unlock intrinsic motivation. Learn how to differentiate and personalise learning.

Create meaningful, value-adding, project-based plans

Learn how to facilitate collaborative planning processes. Conduct meaningful organisational reviews. Involve key stakeholders. Develop plans that deliver improved outcomes.

Build a culture of continual improvement, clarify roles, responsibilities, accountability

Learn how to involve key stakeholders to create shared purpose, vision and values. Understand stakeholder needs and how well your organisation is meeting them. Create the essential foundation for professional dialogue, accountability, risk minimisation and continual improvement.

Use data to improve

Learn how to establish measures and use data effectively and efficiently to plan, track progress and continually improve.

Facilitate team-based improvement

Learn how to engage key stakeholders in project-based improvement. Develop solutions that deliver improved outcomes through effective professional learning teams and action research.


QLA is committed to ensuring our services meet your specific needs.

We collect data to ensure your satisfaction and the continual improvement of our learning and support processes.

We travel to, and provide support, at your site.

Contact QLA to discuss your needs and how we might support them.