System Mapping

A System Map is used to create shared understanding among key stakeholders
regarding the many elements that comprise their system

In a classroom system the key stakeholders are the students and their teacher. In a school system; they are the students, staff and families.

The discussion that takes place in creating a System Map is usually rich and engaging.

Based upon Deming’s Flow Diagram, the System Map allows for the identification and exploration of the specific parts of a system. It helps to identify the complex interrelationships that exist within and beyond the system. These must be managed for the system to achieve its purpose and function most effectively and efficiently.

System Mapping involves:

  • creating shared purpose (aim or mission)
  • articulating the desired future state of the system (vision)
  • agreeing values and behaviours
  • identifying stakeholders
  • agreeing the processes that deliver the outputs and outcomes of the system
  • determining measures of success.

 System Map

The System Map is used in an ongoing way as a point of reference to guide action, and to inform planning and decision-making.

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