Improvement Plan Template
Improvement Plan Template

This template supports the translation of the Strategic Plan into annual Implementation Plans and supports monitoring of each of the improvement projects.

Using the Strategic Plan as the starting point, identify, document and monitor:

  1. Priorities: What are you seeking to improve over the life of the plan?
  2. Desired Outcomes: What is your vision of excellence? What, specifically, will be achieved?
  3. Performance Measures: How will performance improvements be measured and tracked over time?
  4. Projects: What projects will be undertaken to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved?
  5. Key Actions: What are the key activities and milestones detailed in the project plan>
  6. Project Leader: Who is leading the project team? Key Dates: Start data and end date?
  7. Key Dates: Start date, end date and key milestones. 
  8. Project Status: Not started, On schedule, Stalled, or Completed.

You may wish to follow the process outlined in our Planning for School Improvement Guide.

The Improvement Project Brief can be used to document the details for each improvement project. 

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