CSV041 The Leander Way
CSV041 The Leander Way

Case Study Video 041. The remarkable story of the Leander Independent School District.

This is the story of the Leander Independent School District.

In this case study, district leaders share the story of transformation from a small rural district to a rapidly growing and continually improving district of over 32,000 students across 37 campuses.

They share how:

  • the Guiding Documents shape everything they do: Ten Ethical Principles, Graduate Profile and the Learning Model
  • they strive to build a district-wide culture of trust and fear-free relationships
  • their thinking puts students first and recognises the importance of systems in the pursuit of continuous improvement
  • a passion for working, learning and excellence has been created across the district.


This Case Study is supported by additional stories, extended interviews and discussion of several of the challenges. These are available on our YouTube site

Additional Stories:

  • Story 1 How it all began…
  • Story 2 Timeline storyboard
  • Story 3 Parkside Grade 2 integrated planning unit
  • Story 4 Parkside Grade 4 Capacity Matrices
  • Story 5 Parkside Grade 5 student schedules
  • Story 6 Parkside Grade 5 class PDSA storyboard
  • Story 7 District-wide elementary science improvement
  • Story 8 Parkside elementary scholars storyboard

Extended Interviews regarding Application of the Philosophy:

  • AP1 Extended Interview: Drive out fear
  • AP2 Extended Interview: Transforming the culture
  • AP3 Extended Interview: Lead by example
  • AP4 Extended Interview: Building capacity
  • AP5 Extended Interview: Continual improvement
  • AP6 Extended Interview: Celebrating successes
  • AP7 Extended Interview: Using PDSA and tools
  • AP8 Extended Interview: Learning together
  • AP9 Extended Interview: Motion or action
  • AP10 Extended Interview: Learn, don’t copy
  • AP11 Extended Interview: Leading the change process
  • AP12 Extended Interview: Planning for improvement
  • AP13 Extended Interview: Students owning their learning
  • AP14 Extended Interview: Reflecting and learning
  • AP15 Extended Interview: High impact, low resistance
  • AP16 Extended Interview: A story about variation
  • AP17 Extended Interview: A world of difference

Discussion about dealing with challenges along the way:

  • Ch1 Challenges: Overcoming resistance
  • Ch2 Challenges: Growth of the district
  • Ch3 Challenges: We’ll never get ‘there’
  • Ch4 Challenges: No blame
  • Ch5 Challenges: Constancy of purpose

Creating the future:


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