CSV016 Year 8 English in a small rural school
CSV016 Year 8 English in a small rural school

Case Study Video 016. Using the Quality Learning approach with year 8 English students in a small rural high school.

Tooleybuc Central School is a combined primary and secondary rural school situated on the banks of the Murray River in western NSW.

This case study describes how Glen Warren, the Head Teacher of English, began his journey into Quality Learning.

Glen and his year 8 students describe how they applied the principles and practices of Quality Learning to improve the study of English. Beginning with a few simple tools and a commitment to helping the students engage more fully in the study of English, Glen approached his new year 8 differently to previous years.

Together, they explicitly explored 'Why do we study English?' and discovered a meaningful connection to their futures. Glen sought opportunities to increase the choice given to the students and observed increased engagement. The students also developed quality standards and assessment criteria for their writing. The quality of their work improved significantly.

Quality Learning has provided both Glen and his student greater learning and enjoyment in the study of English.

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