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Myron Tribus' Essays

Dr Myron TribusThis page provides links to Myron Tribus' profound essays on quality in education and industry.

NOTE: All of Myron Tribus' essays are in portable data format (.pdf), which requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. Select this link if you need to download the latest reader.


Essays on Educational Quality

1. Quality Management in Education, 62K

2. When Quality Goes to School: What Do Leaders Do to Put it To Work?, 100K

3. Quality in Education: The Theory and How To Put It to Work, 78K

4. Transformation of American Education to a System for Continuously Improved Learning, 360K

5. Quality in Education According to the Teachings of Deming and Feuerstein, 75K

6. The Application of Quality Management Principles in Education, at Mt. Edgecumbe High School, Sitka, Alaska, 444K

8. Will Our Educational System Be The Solution or the Problem? 457K

9. Fulfilling the Proper Aim of Education 106K

10. Total Quality in Schools of Business and of Engineering, 51K

11. Competency Matrix for Teaching Deming Quality Management, 33K

12. Bridging in Both Directions, 121K

13. The Contributions of W. Edwards Deming to the Improvement of Education, 38K

Essays on Industrial Quality

1. The Germ Theory of Management, 61K

2. Deming's Way, 1981, 23K

3. Putting Dr Deming's 14 Points to Work, 1984, 53K

4. Deming Memorial for National Academy of Engineering, 1994, 122K

5. Lean on Quality, 21K

6. Three Systems of Quality, 57K

7. Policy Deployment, 51K

8. Applying the 14 Points in Japan,

9. Nine Questions to Drive TQM Processes, 1993, 11K

10. The CEO Doesn't Understand Quality. How Do I Save My Company?, 27K

11. When the Boss Starts to Talk About Quality, Should I Listen?, 17K

12. Updating the BOS (Brain Operating System), 26K

13. Checklist for Quality and Productivity, 14K

14. Eleven Links in the Transformation of An Enterprise To Make Quality the Strategy for Success, 32K

15. Changing the Corporate Culture: Some Rules and Tools, 62K

16. Judging the Quality of an Organisation by Direct Observation, 61K

17. Transforming a Corporate Culture From Traditional Management To Quality Management, 76K

18. Planning the Quality Visit, 36K


These essays were first collected for publication on the Deming Electronic Network (DEN) over a decade ago. They are provided here temporarily pending the reinstatement of the DEN web site. When the DEN site, or its successor, is made available again, we will provide a direct link to that official site where these papers will continue to be available.


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